Emma Sedman

Emma Sedman

Website: www.emmasedman.co.uk
E-mail: emma@emmasedman.co.uk
Tel: 01969 620021

Emma Sedman is a jeweller working predominantly with silver and enamel. She is influenced by the vibrancy
of colour and its combination with precious metal leaf which is a distinctive feature of her established 'Fusion' range and her new 'Elipse' collection.

Fused into the final layer of enamel, the precious metal leaf adds decorative detail to the rich colours.
The very nature of this process means that each piece is truly individual and can not be repeated.

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All pieces shown are silver and enamel with precious metal leaf.

"Elipse" pendants

"Elipse" neckpiece

"Elipse" pendant and stud earrings
"Fusion" small round pendants
"Fusion" stud earrings
"Fusion" rectangular pendants
"Elipse" cufflinks
"Elipse" pendant, neckpiece and brooch
"Elipse" stud earrings
"Fusion" drop pendants
"Fusion" stud earrings
"Fusion" small pendants