Pamela Dickinson
Pamela Dickinson

Tel: +44(0)1377 254186
46 St. John's Rd.,
Driffield, E.Yorkshire YO25 6RS.

Ever since I was seventeen I have loved making jewellery. I believe the brilliant materials, small scale and relationship to the body offer the best way to express the ideas I want to convey.
I enjoy exploring the tactile qualities, the scope for colour and three dimensions, the sense of preciousness and permanence and most of all, the intimacy of jewellery. I aim to create work that has a strong artistic identity.
I make all the jewellery myself, so the amount of work I can produce is limited, and the quality is high.
Since establishing my workshop in East Yorkshire in 1975, I have regularly supplied my work to a wide range of the best jewellery shops and galleries in Great Britain, which has included Asprey & Co., Argenta Gallery, Boodle & Dunthorne, Gilbert Collection Shop, Lesley Craze Gallery, Liberty & Co, Oxford Gallery and the Scottish Gallery
My work has been shown in many national and international exhibitions.

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"Square" Gold ring
"Peridot Star"
Silver/Gold/Peridot necklace
"Triangular" Gold ring
Silver/Gold Peridot "Star" stud earrings
"Unfurling" chopsticks
in silver and gold microplate

Granulated silver necklace
Granulated silver necklace

Granulated gold bangle

Silver/Gold Amethyst stud earrings

Enamelled silver tea strainer
with matching spoon
Granulated silver necklace
Silver tea strainer
with matching gilt bowl