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Silvia Nesti

Silvia Nesti
1976. Italy.
Telephone:+39 320 0417761

The Folding collection comes from the desire for colour, lightness and simplicity, and from an interest in folding, linked to the idea of suspension and flexibility.
It all comes from a game, a game for children, to then become a jewel which wants to convey the same childish brightness.
The name Folding comes from the Japanese paper Origami, which I use in combination with very fine sheets of metal, in my jewellery production.
The word Origami means paper-folding.
A square without cuts or solders, a shape created only from folding metal, utilizing its flexibility, and accompanied by wires of different thickness.
A collection that is fresh, young and unique for its lightness and playfulness.

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Ring: silver and paper
Brooches: silver and paper
Pair of earrings: silver and paper
Earrings: silver and paper
Brooch: silver and paper
Ring: gold and paper